Working Survival Suit Divetex®

Product description

1. Material
Divetex® is a proprietary certified development of our company and is characterized by the following material properties:
• High temperature resistance
• Resistant to chemicals
• Resistant to strong acids and alkalis
• Antistatic / color: fluorescent yellow to EN 471
• Fully waterproof: water column more than 6 feet
• Durable
• Tear-resistant
• Flame Retardant
• Easy to repair - not a triangle effect

2. Construction
The work and survival suit is a suit insulation. Lining with Thinsulatevlies ®, which has excellent insulating against the cold.
At 6 hour stay at about 0 degrees C cold water, the body temperature drops by no more than 2 C degrees.
At warmer temperatures, the inner lining are separated by a zipper.

The layered structure of the clothing material
Without the additional reinforcements on the knees, elbows and buttocks tightening consists of four layers of insulation:
1. special coating Divetex ®
2. Thinsulatevlies with air pockets
3. lining material

Texture of the suit
- Suit is without wearing life jacket by flotation devices
- All seams are sealed completely waterproof
- Special hood with neoprene skirt, so the head is held above water (fainting Safe)
- Straps on the back for salvation from the flood
- Seat belt with stainless steel rings
- Bind lifeline to each other
- Thinsulate ® lining and detachable by a zipper
- Safety boots with steel toe and steel sole EN 345
- Knee, hip and elbow reinforced
- Leg zippers to expand the legs
- with waterproof thermal gloves
- Side pockets with Velcro
- Prismatic reflectors ensure good visibility
- Whistle and flashlight
- Suit is delivered in a bag