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product description

Immersion suit SOLAS/MED

Immersion suit with SOLAS / MED Approval


Main applications: Cargo vessels; Fishing vessels; Navy; Offshore personnel; Passenger ships.


Special instruction: Highly visible color, beautiful and easy to be found.

The suit must be worn in conjunction with an approved lifejacket.

Material: Neoprene, 5mm.

Reflective tape: SOLAS/MED approved reflective tape, area≥400cm2.

Zipper: Water-proofed zipper.

Face and chin flap: Outside 2mm face flap and inside 2mm chin flap for dual protection of the face and chip.

Gloves: 5mm 3-fingered neoprene gloves for easy adjust and grasp object.

Boots and soles: 5mm neoprene boots with rubber soles.

Package: packed in a portable and satchel type bag.


Sizes: M, L, XL 

M = 150 - 170 cm

L = 170 - 190 cm

XL = 190 - 205 cm