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product description

Divetex® jacket with trouser

Divetex® chemical protective suit according to EN 14605:2005 + A1:2009, permanent antistatic

EN 1149-5:2018 & flame retardant EN 14116, jacket with double layer sleeve cuffs, trousers with adjustable elastic braces

Protective suit against liquid chemicals and aerosols.

It is used to protect the body against chemical exposition or contact, taking into account the breakthrough times and used

chemicals used according to the permeation table. At the same time it provides protection against wetness and dirt.

Possible applications: Waste disposal and cleaning work, asbestos disposal, disinfection work, pharmaceutical industry,

work with batteries, remediation of contaminated sites on ships, chemical industry.

This suit can be combined with various types of additional protective equipment, e.g. gloves, boots, helmets or face masks. 

can be worn.

The material is permanently antistatic on both sides and has flame retardant properties.

EN 14605:2005 + A1:2009
Antistatic properties: EN 1149-5:2018
Flame retardant: EN ISO 14116:2015


Standard size: L
(Optional: M, XL, XXL)

Colors: green, blue o. red