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Safety gloves

KCL chemical protective glove Butoject® 898 category III, according to EN 388 level 2111X, 374-1 type A level BCIKLM, EN 374-5/ISO 16604 (VIRUS), highly flexible even at cold temperatures, good ozone, UV and temperature resistance, resistant to many acids, alkalis, solutions, alcohols, esters, plasticizers and ketones, gas impermeable, anatomic fit, with rolled cuff,

color: black

material thickness approx. 0.7 mm,

length approx. 350 mm

Shipping weight: 0,21 Kg
Sales unit: pair

sizes: 9,10,11

KCL chemical protective glove Vitoject® 890, category III, according to EN 374, EN 388 level 3101X,

indispensable when handling many aggressive chemicals, very good protection against extremely aggressive and toxic chemicals, very high gas tightness, solvent-free due to environmentally friendly injection moulding process, high ozone and UV resistance,

color: black,

material: fluorocarbon rubber, smooth, with rolled cuff, powdered,

material thickness: 0.7 mm,

length: approx. 350 mm,

Shipping weight: 0,34 Kg
Sales unit: pair

sizes: 9,10,11

Mapa TEMPICE 770 extreme contact cold and liquid resistant protective gloves EN 511-121 PPE cat. 3 type B

Material: PVC, blue

Inside finish: double jersey liner with fleece                       

Outer finish: grained

length: approx. 30 cm

color: blue

size: 9,10


Specially designed for use in extreme cold (-10 ° C) and wet environments

Flexible material with good resistance to oils, greases and hydrocarbons

Silicone-free to avoid residues and defects on sheet metal and glass

Particularly comfortable thanks to the acrylic fleece lining

Granular PVC coating, blue in color

Straight cuff edge

Anatomically shaped

In pairs in polybag


PPE Cat. 3, CE 0334

EN 511-121: protection against extreme contact cold

EN 388-4221X: Protection against mechanical risks with maximum abrasion resistance, good cut and tear resistanceEN 374-1 type B KMO: Specific chemical protection against; caustic soda 40%; nitric acid 65%; ammonia 25%; (Du

rupture time > 30 minutes)

EN 374-5: Protection against bacteria and fungi


Food industry


Fishing and work at sea

Pharmaceutical industry


Fields of application

Handling of refrigerated products

Maintenance and other work in cold stores

Handling of liquids at low temperatures (water, oil, hydrocarbons)