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Product Description

Heat Protection Suit Seaprotector I after ISO 15538:2001 Level II - MED Approval                                                                                                                                                                                         

Protective suit against heat and open flames according to ISO 15538:2001 Level II


The suit is used in the steel and metal industry, in foundries and primary in the maritime shipping..


The hood is worked on the jacket and has a replaceable, gold vaporized heat shield. The pants are equipped with adjustable

elastic suspenders. The respirator is worn under the suit.


The suit comes with gloves, safety boots and a helmet in a carrier bag.



Heat Protection Suit

ISO 15538:2001 – Level II

Helmet: EN4432008 / MED approval
ISO 15538:2001 Level II > MED approval - Modul B + D by DNV 

found to comply with the requirements in the following Regulations/Standards:
Regulation (EU) 2022/1157,
item No. MED/3.3c. SOLAS 74 as amended, Regulation II-2/10 & X/3, 2000 HSC Code 7 and FSS Code 3

Boots: EN 15090:2012 / MED approval
Gloves: EN659:2003 / MED approval

Standard size: XL (optional: L, XXL, XXXL)
Boot size: 46 (optional:
Glove size: 11 (optional: 9.10.12)

helmet EN 443 SOLAS                              firemen boots MED EN 15090                                              gloves MED EN 659                                            gold steamed visor