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Product Description

Divetex® Sleeve Apron

The Divetex® sleeve apron protects the chest, hip, arm and leg areas against all types of chemical fluids.

It is adjustable in length and width for a perfect fit on the body.

The apron is ventilated by 2 exhalation valves.

Head and face are protected by a hood with a large visor, which is pulled up over the ribcage. (optional)

The material is permanently antistatic on both sides and has flame retardant properties.

Apron: EN 14605
Antistatic properties: EN 1149-1, EN 1149-2
Flame retardant: EN ISO 14116:2015


One size fits all 
Adjustable by Velcro on the back.
Customization also possible

red, green or blue